How to Cancel Zomato Order (Refunds & Fees)


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I recently placed an order on the Zomato app, but unfortunately, I need to cancel it. While I understand there’s a short window for immediate cancellation with a full refund, my situation requires cancelling after that timeframe.

My main concerns are related to the refund process and potential fees.


  • 1. Refunds: Since the order was prepaid, how long does it typically take to receive a refund for a cancelled Zomato order? Are there any additional fees associated with processing the refund (e.g., administrative charges)?
  • 2. Credit Card Processing Fees: Because I used a credit card for the prepayment, will there be any credit card processing fees charged by Zomato on the cancelled transaction? If there are fees, will they be deducted from my final refund?


Knowing these details will help me make informed decisions about future order cancellations on Zomato. For reference, I’m located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India, and used a [credit card type, e.g., RuPay, Visa/Mastercard] for the order payment.

Additionally, if anyone has experience cancelling a Zomato order after the initial window, I’d appreciate any insights on the process and their refund timeline.

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    Cancelling a Zomato Order: A Quick Guide

    Need to ditch your Zomato order? No worries, it happens! Here’s a breakdown on cancelling an order within the app, plus info on refunds and fees.

    1. Method: Cancelling Within 60 Seconds:

    Just placed an order and have buyer’s remorse? Act fast! You usually have about 60 seconds after confirming your order to cancel directly in the app. Look for a “Cancel” button on the loading screen. Be speedy, as this window closes quickly!


    2. Method: Cancelling After 60 Seconds:

    For orders past the initial window, follow these steps:

    1. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.

    2. Select “My Orders” or “Order History”.

    3. Choose the order you want to cancel and tap for details.

    4. Find “Support” or “Need help with your order” (location may vary).

    5. Select “Chat with Us” and choose “Cancel Order”.

    6. Briefly explain why you need to cancel and confirm.

    7. Alternatively, you can contact Zomato customer care at +912262327777 (subject to change) for assistance with cancelling.


    3 Method: Zomato Customer Care for cancellation request

    Here’s a consolidated approach you can take for cancelling a Zomato order and getting information on refunds and fees:

    • 1. Zomato Help Center: Zomato’s Help Center likely has the most up-to-date information on cancellation policies, fees, and refund timelines. Search for “Cancellations” or “Refunds” on their website.
    • 2. Contact Zomato Support: If the app or Help Center doesn’t answer your questions, consider using the web contact form or exploring alternative methods Zomato offers for contacting support.

    Refunds and Credit Card Fees:

    Generally, cancelling before the restaurant accepts your order incurs no charges. If the restaurant has accepted, their cancellation policy may apply. Zomato itself shouldn’t charge any extra fees for cancelling.


    Important Note:

    Zomato’s cancellation policies and fees can change, so it’s always best to check their Help Center or contact customer support for the latest information. They can also assist with specific order issues.

    Remember: The Zomato terms of service (the legal stuff) state that cancelling for reasons unrelated to Zomato (like wrong info entered) might result in a charge. Zomato can also cancel orders due to technical issues or restaurant unavailability, and you won’t be charged in these cases.

    Bonus Tip: For a smooth refund process, ensure your payment method details are accurate in the app.

    With this guide, cancelling a Zomato order and understanding potential fees is a breeze! Now you can order with confidence, knowing you have some flexibility if things change.

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