How to Check Your Reliance Gift Card Balance Fast & Easy!


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Trying to figure out how much is left on my Reliance Gift Card. Does anyone know the easiest way to check the balance? I’ve seen options online but wanted to see if anyone has recent experience. Is the website reliable or should I call customer service? Thanks!

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    All You Need to Know About Reliance Retail Gift Cards: How to Check Balance and More

    Reliance Retail Gift Cards are the perfect solution for gifting freedom and flexibility! This informative guide will tell you everything you need to know about these versatile cards, including how to check your balance with ease.


    how to check reliance gift card balance

    What is a Reliance Gift Card?

    Imagine a prepaid card issued by the trusted name of Reliance Retail. You can load it with any denomination you choose, making it the perfect present for friends, family, or colleagues. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, corporate events – Reliance Gift Cards are ideal for any occasion.

    Key Features of Reliance Retail Gift Cards:

    1. Flexible Gifting: Load any amount you desire, allowing you to personalize your gift.

    2. Wide Variety: Recipients can choose from a vast selection of products, including apparel, footwear, jewellery, electronics, and groceries, catering to their individual tastes.

    3. Widespread Acceptance: Redeem your gift card at over 2300 outlets across 150 cities, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

    4. Seamless Shopping: Accepted at all Reliance Retail brand stores, offering a smooth shopping experience.

    How to Check Your Reliance Gift Card Balance:

    Online Balance Check:

    1. Visit the RelianceOne website:

    2. Locate the “Gift Card Balance Check” section.

    3. Enter your 16-digit card number in the designated field.

    4. Click “Submit” to view your current balance.

    Mobile App:

    1. Log in to your RelianceOne Mobile App account.

    2. Find the option to view your gift card balance within the app interface.

    3. Access your balance with just a few taps, providing instant information on the remaining funds on your card.

    SMS Balance Check:

    1. Send an SMS text message with the following format: “ROBAL [space] [Last 4 digits of your card number]” to 56070.

    2. You’ll receive a reply containing your current gift card balance shortly (standard SMS charges may apply).

    Phone Inquiry:

    1. Call the RelianceOne customer service hotline at 1800-102-7382 (Airtel) or 022-40176400.

    2. Speak with a customer service representative and provide your gift card details.

    3. The representative will promptly assist you in checking your balance (standard call charges may apply).

    Things to Remember:

    1. Always have your 16-digit gift card number ready when checking your balance.

    2. Depending on the method you choose, standard SMS or call charges may apply.

    3. Keep track of your balance to make informed purchases and avoid any inconvenience during transactions.

    The Perfect Gift Made Easy

    Reliance Retail Gift Cards offer a convenient and flexible gifting solution. Recipients can choose their favourite products from a wide range of options.

    With multiple methods for checking your balance, managing your card’s funds is quick and hassle-free, ensuring a delightful shopping experience across Reliance Retail outlets.

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