How to Delete Buddy Loan Account


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I’m reaching out to the forum for some guidance on closing my Buddy Loan account. I searched their website but couldn’t locate specific instructions on account deletion.

Would anyone be able to share the process for deleting an account permanently?

Additionally, are there any crucial factors to keep in mind before proceeding, like outstanding loan balances, fees, or potential deletion of my loan history?



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    Buddy Loan App: A Guide to Account Closure

    Buddy Loan has been a helpful resource for many in need of financial assistance. But sometimes, circumstances change, and you might decide it’s time to close your account. While Buddy Loan’s website doesn’t offer a direct deletion option, fret not! This guide will walk you through the process and answer important questions about the closure.

    Things to Consider Before Deleting

    Before initiating the closure process, there are a few crucial things to ensure a smooth transition:

    1. Settle Outstanding Balances: This is the golden rule. Buddy Loan won’t close your account until you’ve paid off any remaining loan amount and any associated fees. Double-check your account statement to confirm a zero balance before proceeding.

    2. Download Important Documents: Having a soft copy of your loan history can be beneficial. While Buddy Loan might retain some data after closure, downloading key documents like loan agreements and payment records can provide peace of mind.

    Steps to Follow For Delete Buddy Loan Account

    Now that you’ve squared away your financial obligations, it’s time to close your account. Here’s what to do:

    1. Contact Customer Support

    Buddy Loan offers two email addresses for account closure requests: Suitable for general inquiries. For legal matters related to account closure.

    2. Compose a Clear Email:

    In your email, clearly state your request to close your account and permanently delete your personal information. If referencing your data withdrawal right, cite their Privacy Policy for additional weight.

    3. Keep a Copy

    Always save a copy of your email for your records. This serves as documentation of your closure request in case of any future issues.

    Important Note: Buddy Loan, like most financial institutions, may retain some data for legal or regulatory compliance, as outlined in their Privacy Policy.

    Does Closing Buddy Loan App Affect My Credit Score?

    Closing your Buddy Loan account, assuming you’ve made all your payments on time, shouldn’t negatively impact your credit score. In fact, a healthy payment history might even give your score a slight boost. However, if you had any late payments or defaults on your Buddy Loan account, these will remain on your credit report for a set period (typically seven years in India), potentially affecting your score.

    FAQs in Mind

    1. Will I receive confirmation after closing my account? Buddy Loan’s customer support team should typically confirm your account closure via email.

    2. How long does it take to close my account? The timeframe can vary, but it generally takes a few business days for Buddy Loan to process your request.

    3. Can I reopen my account after closing it? While Buddy Loan doesn’t offer immediate account reactivation, you can always reapply for a new loan if needed.

    By following these steps and addressing any lingering questions, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free closure of your Buddy Loan account. Remember, responsible credit management is key, so maintain good standing on any remaining loans to keep your credit score healthy.

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