What is The APGVB Bank Balance Check Number?


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I’m reaching out to explore options for checking my account balance at APGVB Bank. Ideally, I’d like to find a convenient way to access this information.

One method I heard about involves a missed call to a specific number. Could you confirm if this is a valid option for APGVB Bank, and if so, what the number is?

Furthermore, I’d be interested in learning about any additional methods for checking balances, such as online banking or a mobile app.

Nanne Parmar

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    APGVB Bank: Phone Banking Made Easy for Busy Indians!

    Life in India is fast-paced, and managing your money shouldn’t slow you down. APGVB Bank understands this! They offer fantastic features that let you bank easily using your phone, anytime, anywhere.

    1. Need a Quick Balance Check? Give a Miss Call

    Forget logging into apps or websites. Just dial 9289222024 and give the number a missed call. You’ll instantly receive an SMS with your current balance. This 24/7 service is perfect for checking your balance before a purchase or to confirm a recent deposit.

    2. Stuck with a Question? Talk to APGVB Bank Customer Care!

    Sometimes, you might have a question or need help with a transaction. APGVB’s friendly customer care team is just a phone call away! Dial 1800-121-0354 between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM to speak with a representative in Hindi or English. They can answer your questions, address any concerns, and guide you through any banking task.

    3. Lost Your ATM Card? Don’t Panic!

    Misplacing your ATM card can be stressful, but with APGVB regaining control is quick. They have a dedicated hotline with three numbers for your convenience: 1800-532-7444, 1800-833-1004, or 1800-123-6230. Reporting a lost or stolen card immediately keeps your account safe and prevents unauthorized transactions. With these hotlines readily available, you can take immediate action and minimize the risk of fraud.

    4. Want to Bank on WhatsApp? You Got It!

    APGVB keeps up with the times by offering convenient WhatsApp banking services. Simply send “Hi” to 9346200400 on WhatsApp. This user-friendly platform lets you do many things, all in Hindi:

    • 1. Check your account balance
    • 2. Transfer money to other accounts
    • 3. Request information about your account
    • 4. Resolve non-banking inquiries, like misplaced chequebooks

    The best part? APGVB WhatsApp banking is available 24/7, allowing you to manage your finances on your own schedule!

    With these simple features at your fingertips, managing your APGVB bank account will be a breeze! Now you can conquer your finances and get on with your busy life!

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